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As our planet has become more and more “colorful”, the world has seen a significant rise in the number of wealthy individuals in Asia, Africa, in South America and in many other Eastern and Western continents and nations.

There has not been a parallel change in investment or money management consultants and strategies to accompany the new diversity of financially, politically culturally different world citizens.

 All World Financial Group, LLC was formed to make it easier, safer and more profitable for all investors of all nationalities and ethnic groups in all parts of the world that have a desire to build wealth for a variety of legal and honorable programs and projects needed for local, countywide and worldwide progress.

 All World Financial Group and its subsidiaries, All World Commodities and All World Consultants, have a diverse, experienced and professional staff of culturally sensitive, politically connected and morally sound men and women capable of assisting individuals, businesses and governments in accomplishing their goals in Tier 1 Platform trade facilitation, commodity trade facilitation, renewable energy and other projects and in political consultation for honorable clients of all political persuasions.

 All World Financial Group will listen to you and not dictate to you. We will respect you and we will do our best to understand you. Together we will succeed in every financial, business or political endeavor.

 All World Financial Group, appreciates your interest in asset managers, financial trade facilitators, commodity trade facilitators and political consultants that you can trust.  

 You are our priority and the planet is our marketplace!

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