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 The Planet is Our Marketplace. 

As our planet has become more and more “colorful”, the world has seen a significant rise in the number of wealthy individuals in Asia, Africa, in South America and in many other Eastern and Western continents and nations.

There has not been a parallel change in investment or money management consultants and strategies to accompany the new diversity of financially, politically culturally different world citizens.

 All World Financial Group, LLC was formed to make it easier, safer and more profitable for all investors of all nationalities and ethnic groups in all parts of the world that have a desire to build wealth for a variety of legal and honorable programs and projects needed for local, countywide and worldwide progress.

 All World Financial Group and its subsidiaries, All World Commodities and All World Consultants, have a diverse, experienced and professional staff of culturally sensitive, politically connected and morally sound men and women capable of assisting individuals, businesses and governments in accomplishing their goals in Tier 1 Platform trade facilitation, commodity trade facilitation, renewable energy and other projects and in political consultation for honorable clients of all political persuasions.

All World Financial Group will listen to you and not dictate to you. We will respect you and we will do our best to understand you. Together we will succeed in every financial, business or political endeavor.

All World Financial Group, appreciates your interest in asset managers, financial trade facilitators, commodity trade facilitators and political consultants that you can trust.  



All World Consultants is an independent, full-service African American owned political consulting and political services company with over 30 years of successful and winning political experience that will represent serious political candidates of all political parties and persuasions. All World Consultants can provide all political services to local, statewide and international clients. 



All World staff and contractors include highly talented writers, voice performers, cinematographers, video and audio editors, designers,, printers, pollsters, robo-call consultants, broadcast and print media placers and more that can produce and place TV and radio spots, print ads, social  media ads and other political and commercial media in several languages. We have expertise in major and minority media and international media.


All World Financial Group can facilitate financing, investing and wealth building activities at tier one financial institutions and Top 25 banks around the world for qualified clients with POF of cash or solid bank paper or other cash backed instruments. For information requests, message us via “Contact Page”.

 Who We Are. What We Do.  



The Gantt Report is one of the most respected, controversial and widely read editorial columns in America.

For more than thirty years, The Gantt Report's hard hitting but easy to read columns have been enjoyed by young and old, men and women, liberals and conservatives, the wealthy and the poor.



Local, state, national and international governmental relations can also be done by All World. All World has over 25 years representing clients in cities, counties and states in the USA, in Caribbean countries and in Africa representing clients with interests in business, heath care, energy, gambling, agriculture, community groups, civil rights groups, international NGOs and more.



All World can produce network quality television and radio shows for broadcast on all levels and for all platforms. Documentaries, concerts, talk shows and informational programs for statewide, national and international distribution can all be coordinated by All World.

One campaign management firm in Tallahassee offers a difference with a twist. The difference is that All World is all Black. All World's principals have considerable experience in a field with almost no Black consultants. When it comes to the business of politics, they are pragmatists - they'll work for just about anyone who pays! - The Miami Herald

Lucius Gantt takes provocative stands on tough issues, which is why I like reading him. He has been one of the most consistently original voices in Florida politics and he never fails to make me think. All aspiring opinion writers can learn from his work." -- Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush


"Lucius Gantt's writing always calls to mind Jack Nicholson upbraiding Tom Cruise in the movie -A Few Good Men- because Gantt is always writing more truth than some readers can handle. Time may have mellowed the one-time angry Black man, he plays golf, but Gantt is still telling it like it is" -- Gerald Ensley, Senior Writer, Tallahassee Democrat

All World Consultants did an outstanding job producing and placing statewide media for my campaign for Florida Attorney General. Lucius Gantt also produced TV shows and videos and wrote media releases for the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators for more than ten years, a true media expert."  Sen. Perry Thurston, Chairman, Florida Conference of Black State Legislators

Lucius pulls no punches in The Gantt Report. If he thinks you are wrong, neither your position in life, race, gender, age, political affiliation nor national origin can shield you from the sharp point of his pen. Of course he is generous with the roses too, when he thinks they are due." -- Roosevelt Wilson, former FAMU Journalism Professor and owner of the Capitol Outlook newspaper. 

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