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All World Financial Group


All World Financial Group and its subsidiaries,  All World Consultants, All World Caribbean, All World Commodities, and The Gantt Report, have a diverse, experienced and professional staff of culturally sensitive, politically connected and morally sound men and women capable of assisting individuals, businesses and governments in accomplishing their goals in Professional Political Campaign Services for honorable candidates and political parties of all political persuasions., Governmental Relations and Lobbying, Tier 1 Platform trade facilitation, commodity trade facilitation, renewable energy and other projects.  

All World Financial Group will listen to you and not dictate to you. We will respect you and we will do our best to understand you. Together we will succeed in every financial, business or political endeavor.

All World Financial Group, appreciates your interest in political advisors, asset managers, financial trade facilitators, commodity trade facilitators and media consultants that you can trust.  

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What people say about All World
and The Gantt Report:

All World Financial Group and The Gantt Report, like its founder, have been a breath of fresh air for the community - especially the Black Community. "Truth" has been so distorted by the mainstream media that an entire world of "clones" moves about daily in a fantasy land in which they are the puppets of big money.

We need All World and Mr. Gantt to " Tell it like it is" before the clones lose the ability to discern truth from fantasy."

Joseph L. Webster, Sr. MD, President,

Institute for African American Health, Inc.


"All intelligent Blacks, and Americans in general, appreciate your work at All World Financial Group and All World Consultants. We read "The Gantt Report" to get the absolutely well-written truth about issues in the World. Gantt is the premier political and media professional of today. It is his type of front-end talking that will ultimately save America!!"


Dr. James A, Scruggs, African American Author


“Gantt has a way of saying some things we all would like to say.”


Bobby R. Henry, Sr. Publisher, Westside Gazette, Chair, National Newspaper Publishers Association



"I admire the work you've done over these 40-plus years in defense of Black people and our aspirations through All World and The Gantt Report. I have some personal knowledge of the sacrifice that such a call on one's life demands, and you have always carried yourself with the utmost dignity and confidence that as it is written in the Bible "ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Keep putting the truth before the people’s eyes and God will continue to bless you."  


Gwen Ivory, Publisher Palm Beach Gazette



"Despite repeated efforts to discredit, intimidate, spy, incarcerate, and silence some of our more courageous elders, it's encouraging to know that some of our foot soldiers have not all been defeated by the oppressor. It's my hope that you and others will continue to speak out, enlighten, and remind those of us who otherwise would've forgotten who we are, where we came from, and how far we still have to go to achieve equality with the rest of humanity."


D. A. Lambert

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